Workers Compensation Panels

Under the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC), public and private employers conducting business in Ohio are insured for work-related injuries and illnesses and self-insured businesses are overseen for workers’ compensation (primarily Ohio’s largest companies). Essentially, this is what we here at SafT Integration refer to as a workers’ compensation panel.

Understanding WCP

In the event that you need health providers to step in on work-related injury, you will typically go through a list of provided healthcare professionals who can investigate and determine the outcome of the workers’ compensation case. So this is where a WCP, or in the case of being located and owning a company in Ohio, the BWC, steps in.

Process Of The BWC

When an incident involving a worker first takes place, usually the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will come in and establish a line of communication between you and the employee to make sure all the right information is being processed.

Getting The Right Panel

Communication is key in this regard because you want to ensure proper understanding among parties involved, ask the right questions, and figure out how to work through the process to get the right panel. If you are not provided with the right doctor, things can get a little expensive and unorganized. For instance, if you have a good transitional program in place, the doctor provided might immediately remove the employee from working causing your experience modification numbers to skyrocket.

You want to make sure you get the right healthcare individuals to ensure proper work compensation techniques and standards so that your company is also succeeding in the meantime, while your employee gets what they need immediately and effectively.

The Right Panel Benefits

When properly choosing the right set of individuals to work with from the healthcare system, you guarantee safety measures and proper guidelines are set in motion to prevent the employee or future employees from getting injured in the same fashion again. This includes updated safety manuals and your HR department working on their policies.

SafT Provides Assistance With WCP

Understanding this process is tricky which is why SafT Integration can assist you along the way and provide you with meaningful education and guidance.

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