Why Employees Have Trouble Following Safety Procedures

As a company that enjoys helping others stay safe inside their work environments, we get many questions about why employees have difficulty following the rules or safety procedures. You can put measures to rally your employees to stay safe while on the job.

Safety Day vs. Immersive And Purposeful Training

We will never be perfect as human beings, which means mistakes will always occur. But there are ways to teach your workers to remain vigilant and safe while working with dangerous equipment or hazardous environments.   

As a company, you need to ask yourself – how good is your training? How often are you dedicating time to informing your workforce on the potential risks within their jobs? Most companies will conduct what is known as a “safety day.” 

A safety day is when a company will shut down for several hours in a day to have all of their employees in one room to go over every safety measure in place. This can be a massive oversight as your workers cannot truly absorb and understand that much material in such a short time. There are just too many distractions. 

Establish short-burst safety sessions and hands-on training to get your safety points across. Discussing essential safety procedures in a shorter time frame will lead to better education. Your workers will retain the material needed to remain safe on the job. 

Safety Disciplinary Policy

Suppose you’re looking to discipline your workers when they do not follow the safety rules. In that case, a good discipline policy within your HR department must match your disciplinary safety policy. For your employees to willingly follow directions and safety procedures, a stellar line of communication needs to be demonstrated. 

When an employee gets hurt, the last thing you want to do is alienate them or make them uncomfortable. One goal of a mature safety culture is to learn what occurred through insightful communication so that the incident does happen again. 

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