When You Find Yourself in a Tight Spot

Confined spaces can be very unsafe, primarily if you work with hazardous equipment or harmful chemicals when you’re inside. Sometimes confined spaces are part of your daily job. Learning how to work in confined spaces safely is doable if done correctly through professional training and supervision. 

What Are The Dangers Of Working Within A Confined Space? 

There are many dangers to working within a confined space. A few of them are: 

  • Inability to get in and out safely in the event of an emergency. 
  • Not having a checklist of hazards within the area. 
  • Not having the proper protocols in place. 
  • Having no permits or plan for the confined space.
  • Having dangerous chemicals not correctly maintained within the limited space area. 
  • It is too hot or cold for employees to complete their job within the confined space safely. 

The list could go on and on, but the top priority for any company with confined spaces should be maintaining suitable safety measures. Luckily, SafT Integration can help you throughout this entire process. 

How SafT Integration Can Help 

As mentioned before, safety should be your number one priority when dealing with confined spaces. We can help you determine the best safety measures for your employees who work within a small area throughout their shifts. We can go into your facilities and assess the situation to determine the best possible outcomes

First, we conduct a “pre-entry” meeting. In this meeting, we will sit down with you and your safety officers, assess what problems you may or may not have, and investigate the type of work being done within the confined space. We need to know if there are any harmful or toxic chemicals you may be handling. 

Once the meeting is finished, we will help create and practice your confined space procedure, including how to properly supervise the area and look for things you might have missed when conducting the initial inspection. 

Remember – you want to ensure you check your safety data sheets before entering, follow all state and local protocols, and have a rescue plan ready in case things go wrong… 

Discover More About SafT Integration And Working Safely Within Confined Spaces

Go in with a healthy mindset to ensure your safety! You need a plan, and SafT Integration can help. We will help you inspect any confined space you may be worried about. To learn more, click here.

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