What You Should Do Before Operating A Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts should be handled with extreme caution. At SafT Integration, your safety is our number one priority. What are some things you should be aware of before operating a scissor lift?

Safety First

There are a few things to consider before anyone in your company even attempts to operate a scissor lift or aerial lift. First, you need to have a training program in place for your employees. SafT Integration can assist with this. We offer hands-on training for your employees who will be operating scissor lifts throughout their day.

Our training program includes:
– Proper scissor lift etiquette
– Fall protection operator training
– Harness training
– Equipment training
– Train the Trainer
– How to read and understand the pre-shift inspection form and maximize your scissor lift operator manual.

OSHA regulations require you to conduct the pre-shift inspection before anyone operates a scissor lift on your company grounds, including subcontractors. Never use a scissor lift, aerial lift, or mobile elevated work platform if anything fails inspection!

Part of filling out that form is a workplace evaluation. If your workspace requires you to be outdoors, look for potholes, loose gravel, electrical lines, or high winds. Check around for uneven pavement where the scissor lift will be operating.

Hard hats are an essential safety precaution that companies often ignore when being on or near an aerial lift while in operation. They will help prevent serious head injuries.

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