What Is An Annual Lockout/Tagout Inspection?

You might have heard the term “logout/tagout inspection” before. But do you know what a LOTO annual inspection is? Why are LOTO annual reviews needed? Keep reading to discover more about Lockout/Tagout yearly inspections!

What Does Lock/Tagout Mean In The Safety World?

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) is a safety procedure that ensures that dangerous machines are properly shut off and cannot be started up accidentally. LOTO applies to all companies, not just manufacturing! Having a good LOTO program is imperative to prevent severe or fatal injuries.

Why Do I Need A LOTO Procedure?

Safety practices such as LOTO are critical for protecting employees since equipment and machinery identified for LOTO may start up unexpectedly, resulting in the release of harmful energy. Because of this, the lock and tag are so important to employee and visitor safety.

Besides answering these burning questions about LOTO, there are also a few things to remember about Lockout/Tagout procedures. For instance, who needs to conduct these LOTO procedures? Who is in charge of making sure LOTO is correctly executed?

The LOTO standard requires different levels of training for authorized, affected, and other workers.

How To Conduct Your LOTO Annual ECP Inspection 

Regarding annual Energy Control Program (ECP) inspections, you need to review the guidelines you created on lockout machines and determine if all steps still apply. Documentation is key. The forms for LOTO procedures and annual ECP inspections are easy to find on Google, OSHA, and make your own! Insurance companies might give them to you.

SafT Is Here To Help!

We will help you create the right program to conduct your LOTO inspections correctly for you and your team. We strongly believe you should receive real-world training to ensure proper program use. Evaluations of your LOTO inspections are also crucial to the program’s success, and we will assist you with those as well!

Discover More About Lockout/Tagout

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