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Safety Stories With Greg Safran

By saft_admin / September 16, 2022

Today, we’re going to share one of those stories that might help you avoid a mistake in the future and keep your employees from repeating what this person went through. Read more below to hear about the story of the man that almost lost his hands! 

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When You Find Yourself in a Tight Spot

By saft_admin / July 8, 2022

Sometimes confined spaces are part of your daily job. Learning how to work in confined spaces safely is doable if done correctly through professional training and supervision. 

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How SafT Integration Can Help With Mock OSHA Inspections Through Mock OSHA Audits

By saft_admin / March 4, 2022

Every company goes through a rigorous OSHA inspection and OSHA audit. Your company needs to know what it can do to improve its safety protocols and eliminate hazards in the workplace. View more in-depth information by clicking here. SafT Integration’s Mock OSHA Inspection And Audit Before OSHA arrives in your facilities, SafT Integration can step…

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hazard communication

The Importance of Hazard Communication

By admin / February 15, 2022

Our team at SafT Integration recommends opening a frequent communication line between you and your employees. An effective way to stay connected is to integrate a hazard communication program that includes extensive employee training. What is Hazard Communication? Employers in the United States are obligated to disclose all hazardous materials at the workplace under the…

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workers compensation panels

Workers’ Comp Physicians & Panels

By admin / November 1, 2021

When it comes to getting back to work after an injury, SafT Integration can help! Combining our Transitional Duty Program with comprehensive Physician communication can have your employees back to work in no time. When an employee gets hurt and needs to return to work, a process is put in place to make sure the…

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Harness Safety - Fall Protection

Fall Protection: OSHA Violations

By admin / October 26, 2021

Every year, OSHA compiles a list of the top 10 safety violations from the previous year. And every single year, fall protection is among the top 5 in that list. This is surprising because fall protection is one of the easiest (and most important) to pass. How to Wear Your Harness Correctly: Use the Right…

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OSHA Top 10 Violations

OSHA Top 10 Violations

By admin / October 11, 2021

OSHA Top 10 Violations and How to Avoid Them Each year, OSHA releases the top 10 violations that were recorded the previous year. And every year, when we see these violations listed, we let out a groan of disbelief. Every year, the list has the following 5 violations, and they are some of the easiest…

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