Safety Suggestions for Hiring Subcontractors

A subcontractor is an individual or a business that signs a contract to perform part of or an entire task for your business. Good subcontractor management includes reviewing their training records, safety certifications, and insurance coverage.

Consider these points when hiring subcontractors:

  • Make an agreement with the subcontractor before they even start the job that outlines who will be responsible for safety-related tasks that arise from their work
  • Check their certificates of insurance, training records, and safety procedures to protect safety and liability while they are on your property.
  • Make sure they are doing their job safely and if you see unsafe actions stop the subcontractor and their work immediately. Instruct them about the correct procedure and tell them we don’t do it this way.
  • It’s good to keep track of every subcontractor, whether they do an electrical job or fix potholes in your parking lot. Make sure a subcontractor is following proper safety protocols and everyone gets home in one piece!

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