Things to Consider When Creating a Safety Committee

A strong safety committee is a powerful body to prevent hazardous incidents and injuries at the workplace. They’re among the strongest pillars of a healthy workplace. They help create an environment and work culture that ensures employees stay safe.

Whether you already have a safety committee or want to create a new one, consider these points. 

Points to Consider When Creating a Safety Committee

  • Make sure that every department in your organization is committed to it. The commitment should be from top to bottom.
  • When selecting committee members, do so consciously. Have at least one member on your committee from each department, such as one from maintenance, production, field service, transportation, management, and so on.
  • Post your safety committee minutes publicly so all employees are included in the process and feel empowered to make safety suggestions.
  • Conduct risk assessments of job tasks across the organizational hierarchy to implement an effective strategy and stop all hazardous work-related problems.

Moreover, define the role of each committee member to form a more effective team. Try to resolve differences between departments when writing policies and procedures. This will help you move forward in a good way because it will give your committee a track they can follow, assuring that all the procedures are being practiced in the workplace.

SafT Integration Helps Create a Strong Safety Committee

If conducting risk assessment or creating safety policies seems tricky, or if you want to learn more about the Safety Committee formation ideas, SafT Integration is here to help you!

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