Stop Work Authority

To understand how we can implement the concept of stop work authority in workplace safety, let us first discuss what this is.

As the name suggests, stop work authority controls all operations when certain conditions have been met. This can include stopping work if the nature of work has become too unsafe, insecure, and concerning.

When is Stop Work Authority Enforced?

Stop work authority is not something that is granted when simple workplace issues take place. Instead, it’s only applicable when work-wide, problematic issues can put workers’ lives in danger.

These can include a machine lock-out when someone fails to lock out a piece of machinery when they are done with it. Consequently, the following employee operating the machinery may get severely electrocuted.

When It Comes To Safety, We Got You Covered

Another aspect where the concept of stop work authority comes into play is when you are operating a vehicle and are aware that it is damaged.

You can issue a stop if something is wrong with the vehicle that may put you or other people’s lives in danger.

If they refuse to fix that problem and insist on continuing your job, you are eligible to stop. For further information, be sure to click here now!

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