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What can SafT Integration do for you?

At SafT Integration, we aren't a one-and-done safety consultant

When it comes to improving your safety, we are a full-service organization dedicated to saving lives while saving you money.

Taking a full-servicer approach to safety not only helps you establish better safety practices and procedures; it will also help your organization save money in the long run.

We offer safety services in the areas listed below:


Looking for something not listed? Let us know; we'll work with you to provide guidance toward a solution!


There are very rarely one-off instances when it comes to safety. Even the most minor of incidents can be indicative of larger issues within your safety culture. Even if you approach us because of one workplace injury or OSHA fine, we will work with you to identify underlying problems in your overall safety programs and cultures.


We designed our program with the goal of inspiring your employees to take ownership of your safety plan. Using the custom tools and techniques we teach and help implement, your team will become invested in safety, helping your organization more easily tackle and prevent future incidents.


Free accreditation courses can only do so much. While these programs cover state safety requirements, they fail to detail the impact of these requirements and how to enact compliance. Each SafT Integration program provides the connecting thread and is customized for your organization, so it not only covers the state safety regulations you must know, but also how to apply them.

Our 40+ years combined experience have shown us that providing comprehensive safety programs is the best investment toward safety.

Instead of offering individual services one at a time, we offer a full range of pricing options to bring you a comprehensive safety program, from charging based on hourly rates to providing full-time SafT employee at your facilities daily. Our monthly fee structure is by far the most popular and cost-efficient for our clients.
After we meet and evaluate your current programs and needs, we offer your custom SafT program at a set monthly cost to you, with no hidden add-on costs or extra fees! This allows your team to plan and budget your safety costs with no surprises down the road.
With the dedication of the SafT team, our clients quickly find that the cost of the program pays for itself all while adding to tremendous benefits from improved work environments!