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Safety Manual Evaluations and Updates

How Effective are Your Safety Manuals?

One of the most important things we do when we start with a new customer is to make sure that they are in compliance with OSHA, for which safety programs should be written and available to their employees.

Having written programs that are outdated or incomplete is a common OSHA fine that we can easily remedy and merge into your comprehensive safety program.

End Customer Compliance Program Assistance

We also help you become compliant with any end-customer regulations. More customers are monitoring subcontractor safety by using ISNetWorld, Avetta, Ariba, or PEC; we make it easy to meet the varying requirements with one easy-to-use document.

Safety Manual Best Practices

Overall, our goal is to update or create your safety manual to provide the best practices for workplace safety, while keeping you OSHA compliant. We focus on real safety education and best practices, not just compliance.

How Often Should You Update Your Safety Manuals?

Your safety manual should be reviewed and updated annually or when a new process, procedure, or risk is added to your workplace. We help our customers by evaluating their current manual, providing updates, and then we do an annual review as well.

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