SafT Integration Brings the Safety Blueprint to Life

Achieve better workplace safety results and improve your safety culture, all while saving your organization money

We believe proper safety shouldn't be limited to just large companies.

Our years of experience have taught us that every company, regardless of size or industry, should take inspiration from larger organizations' focus on safety and make the wellbeing of their employees a key organizational value.

Lessen the frequency and severity of workplace injuries

Improve your turnover rate and amount of lost time

Ensure your supervisors know proper safety practices and procedures

Reduce your likelihood of OSHA inspections and fines

Decrease insurance costs

What is SafT Integration all about?

No matter the industry or size of the organization, each safety blueprint we design starts with four cornerstones - safety education for supervisors at every level, implementation of safety accountability, identification of safety issues with the highest frequency, and hands on training.

From these pillars, we can then tailor the safety program to best protect your team.


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How Does Our Process Work?

The key to designing an effective blueprint is allowing for flexibility in your plan, and we understand the importance of this when building your safety blueprint. We will always base our approach on how we can save the most lives and best lessen the severity of workplace injuries. While we may adapt how and when we complete specific tasks given your current safety landscape, some of the steps we will always follow when working with our customers include:


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