Navigating Accident Investigations

SafT Integration offers training and education to supervisors on how to properly investigate incidents, regardless of the type. No matter the type of incident, the team at SafT Integration has you covered and can provide the proper training and education. Hiring professionals like us can potentially prevent small or minor incidents related to the big incident by allowing us to come in and take a look at what occurred.

Scene Recreation

In the first step, we recreate the scene of the accident. This involves either re-creating step-by-step how the events unfolded or finding out what went wrong. If you recreate a scene following an incident, you are able to identify what went wrong and how you and your team can better prepare for future incidents in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Asking The Right Questions

Sometimes, when an employee makes a mistake on the job resulting in an incident of some sort, asking the right questions can be difficult. As consultants, SAFT Integration professionals can step in at this point and ask difficult questions that no one else within the company would dare to ask. We need to understand the incident in order to come to a logical conclusion, which is crucial.

SafT Standards

We recommend getting professionals who specialize in areas such as this to investigate incidents at work since it can seem like a daunting task. It’s as simple as filling out the form below and getting in contact with us so we can start making this process a little easier for you.

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