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Mock OSHA Inspections

Are You Prepared for an OSHA Inspection?

Preparing for an OSHA Inspection?

If your facility is preparing for an OSHA inspection, stakes are high, stress levels can be elevated, and everyone is going to be trying their best to adhere to safety guidelines.
Our team here at SafT Integration can help alleviate your concerns with our Mock OSHA Inspections!

Mock OSHA Inspections

OSHA inspections are important because they evaluate your business's level of compliance with health and safety standards. We are here to help you pass with flying colors by preparing with a Mock OSHA inspection, where we address everything an OSHA inspector would, and then some!

How Does the Mock OSHA Inspection Work?

We walk through your facility and go through the OSHA checklist, but we also go further than that. Our thorough safety inspections will address anything that could be a potential safety or health issue, whether it's specific to a violation or not.
This service is a great way to prepare for your OSHA inspection, but it is also going to give you and your employees the peace of mind that the working conditions are keeping everyone safe!

OSHA Logs and DART Rate

OSHA logs are required annual reporting to OSHA to determine your DART (Days Away Restricted or Transferred) rates. Many businesses do not know how to properly report the variables that affect their DART rate.
It is important to log incidents correctly and keep up on your logs so you're not caught off guard when an OSHA inspector pops up.

OSHA Log Training

We can help our clients go through what is recordable and what isn't. We don't just do it for them; we teach them how to do it so they can continue to do it for themselves and run their own program.

Why Choose SafT Integration?

Keeping your employees safe and healthy is your number one priority. Our services are not only geared to helping you improve your facility's safety, but we also help you improve your bottom line too!
Our customers trust us time and time again because of our dedication, passion, and comprehensive safety programs. With over 40 years of combined experience, our hardworking team has the knowledge to help you keep your people safe, and at the end of the day, that is what really matters!

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