Ladder Safety

So many things can and will happen on a job site. One of the most common things to happen is ladder incidents. Over 164,000 injuries and 300 deaths in the U.S. are caused by falls from ladders every year. Most ladder deaths are caused by falls of 10 feet or less. Falls from ladders are the leading cause of fatalities on construction sites.

Preventing Ladder Incidents 

Proper ladder etiquette can help your employees understand ladder safety and prevent injuries or accidents when they are using a ladder at work, at home, or on a job site. To avoid any harmful incidents among employees, informative and protective procedures need to be put in place. 

Maintaining The 3 Point Contact Rule 

There is a very useful and safe procedure that can be implemented at all times when dealing with a ladder. This is called the 3 Point Contact. Essentially, this means: 

  • Two hands a Foot.


  • Two feet and a hand. 

You are maintaining either one of these 3 points of contact at all times when going up or down a ladder. 

The Belt Buckle Rule 

Professionals know this rule better than anyone else, but it is nonetheless important. When operating on a ladder, make sure that your belt buckle filled with tools is never over the ladder. The plastic piece at the top of the ladder is not a step and should not be treated as such. It is a place where you can insert or lay your tools for safety purposes. 

So never let your belt buckle go above that location or to the sides of the ladder railings. 

Following The Rules

Following these rules can drastically lower the chances of you falling down or off a ladder. Keep a logical mindset when using ladders to avoid work injury or even death. 

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