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Incident and Near Miss Investigations

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Incident and Near Miss Investigations

When an incident occurs, our job is to ensure it never happens again. We accomplish this goal in a number of ways...
First, we will visit your location and re-enact the incident with the employee involved, if possible. Sometimes, when the accident resulted in an injury where the employee isn't physically able to re-enact, we do our best to re-enact with their description of the event.
If the employee is able to assist us, we have them go through the exact motions they did when the incident took place, keeping them safe from repeating the injury, of course!
During the re-enactment, we are vigilantly looking for the root of the problem by asking questions and observing the employee to identify the root of the incident and related safety hazards. By assessing the entire sequence of events and associated risks we help create a corrective action plan to prevent future incidents.
We also coordinate with the rest of the staff, including the employees and the supervisors, and train them so they are aware of how to avoid the same or similar hazards.

Why Choose SafT Integration?

We aren't a one-and-done safety consultant; we are a full-service safety partner! We focus on building strong relationships with our customers so that we can build trust! Our comprehensive safety plans and commitment to your team make us a great addition to your business!

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