How To Handle Individuals Who Have Multiple Comp Claims

Are they dishonest or just clumsy? We can help you spot “compaholics” and identify why they keep filing workers’ comp claims.  

Careful Treading Leads To Careful Investigating

Tread carefully when dealing with individuals who repeatedly file for workers’ comp claims. Some individuals are more prone to injuries than others. Others are more likely to file a claim to alert their supervisors about unsafe behavior. But a small number of people will lie to claim money from a false work-related injury. 

Facts and evidence are crucial for identifying a fraudulent workers’ comp claim. Getting the information you need upfront is vital to investigating someone who may or may not is faking their work-related injury. Do your due diligence and gather as much information as possible before making any factual conclusions. 

Why Do People Falsify Workers’ Comp Claims? 

Some people will do it for the money, while others will do it for the thrill and joy of sitting at home. They may have learned it from a family member and have carried on the behavior of trying to lie and manipulate the system. Regardless, it is your job to ensure proper investigative techniques to rule out this possibility. 

How Do I Figure Out Who Is Lying and Telling The Truth?

Having the proper investigative measures will help you determine if someone is lying or telling the truth about their work-related injury. We can help you with this determination and train your team to investigate the house. Our team of experts will work with you to develop the right tactics to find fraudulent workers’ comp claims. 

Communication is vital to the success of any workers’ compensation claim. So make sure you constantly contact the doctors, insurance providers, and your injured employee. From here, we can help you make the proper determinations and develop a list of the right questions to ask your injured employee. 

Learn More About SafT Integration And Dealing With Workers’ Comp Claimants

Never assume your employee is lying. Always gather the facts and evidence for any workers’ compensation claim. To learn how we can help you with this process, click here.  

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