How To Conduct Incident Claims

A workplace accident can result in an employee being injured, and collecting the right information to file the incident claim can prove to be challenging. This is where SafT Integration comes in. Our professional team can assist you with collecting all the viable data needed to ensure proper claim documentation. 

Guiding You Through The Process 

If you are wondering what kind of information is needed in an incident investigation report or claim, one of the first things you want to do is take photos of the incident. Photo evidence is crucial in the investigation process as it provides concrete details and information that you can later use to make sure the employee is telling the truth and that you gathered all the right information from the start. 

The next item of collecting in your report will be time. What time did the incident occur? What time did the employee report the incident? It’s questions like these that will help you gather the proper information to ensure that adequate incident report claims are filed.

Also, maintaining a proper channel of communication with the persons involved ensures evidence integrity in the long run. When the incident occurs, you want to make sure you are writing out what the employee(s) were doing at the time, what they have said since the incident, and what they intend to do long-term. 

Communication With Doctors 

One of the most widely missed steps in writing out these types of claims is discussing the incident with a doctor. At times, doctors can further prove the truth or expose a lie in the report of the claim. 

As healthcare professionals, doctors are able to provide you with empirical evidence required to support an employee’s claim or expose a lie in the process by providing you with medical advice on how the employee was injured in the first place. 

The Ultimate Goal

At the end of the day, our goal at SafT Integration is to provide you with the right tools, resources, and guidelines on safety measures and protocols within your workplace. This includes a further understanding of which details matter for an incident claim. For more information, check us out at or fill out the form below.

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