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PPE and Hazard Risk Assessment

Work Safety Risk Assessments

Safety is the main priority on any job, whether in construction, manufacturing, or an office. Everyone knows that safety is important, but most people do not realize why some protocols are in place. Our job is to help you and your entire team understand why each protocol is important and how they can improve on their safety measures.

Why You Do What You Do

In order to maintain a safe workplace, one thing you want to do is make sure you assess your jobs. We look at each job from every angle, from the way people are doing their job, the way they might be interacting with the machine, and the way they wear their personal protective equipment.
The goal of a PPE and Risk Hazard Assessment is to understand where your weaknesses are. By identifying a faulty or old piece of safety equipment, you can stop any safety risks before they cause injuries. But first, you have to know why that piece of equipment matters and how it protects you.

Why Choose SafT Integration?

Addressing Workplace Safety Head-On

More often than not, our customers come to us because they either just had an accident or a near miss, or they want to address their safety plans to lower their insurance costs. SafT Integration helps you save money while saving lives!
We come in and look at the issues you're facing. We take our custom approach to help you understand ways to fill the gaps so your safety program can be better, stronger, and safer for everybody.

Custom, Comprehensive, Committed

One of our favorite customer testimonials is that we 'simply make a difference.'
Our hands-on, quick and, easy-to-understand programs are geared to make your safety training simple! We know that people don't retain 8-hour lectures. That's information overload! We take a simpler, in-person approach that speaks to each employee on why they are doing what they are doing and how to do it right.

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