Forklift And Powered Industrial Training Through SafT Integration

We offer a wide variety of services to our clients. One of those services is getting your employees trained to operate forklifts and powered industrial trucks (PITs) and training your in-house personnel to be competent trainers moving forward.

What Do You Need To Have The Right Training Program?

To train your employees, you need a competent trainer who knows the rules and has excellent ability in what they do. Before operating a forklift or PIT, they should first get the classroom and hands-on training and a full observational assessment needed to ensure they perform these machines under the right conditions and with the right mindset.

How Long Does Forklift And PIT Training Take? 

This depends on the individual trainees. Some people need more exercise than others, while others catch on quickly. A good rule is never to do less than an hour of classroom training. A classroom setting will set up your employees for success by having the proper training for PITs in hand with all the rules, hazards, and information specific to your industry or workspace. 

Make Sure The Right Hands-On Training Is Taking Place

Having the proper hands-on training for PITs will guarantee your employees are well aware of the machine. They need proper and adequate hands-on training, but the entire process must be documented to maintain continuity when new employees come on board. The hands-on training will vary depending on how well your employees absorb the information. For an inexperienced employee, this process may take up to two weeks, possibly more. 

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