Best Practices To Entice Employees to Follow Workplace Safety Rules

Safety at the workplace is essential.  Workplace safety departments maintain legal and moral obligations to keep employees safe. They don’t ignore even minor safety mishaps. One of the simple ways to ensure safety is to entice employees to follow all the safety protocols.

How will you do that? Here’re a few practices SafT integration recommends for enticing workers to follow safety rules.

1. Listen to Your Employees: This is the very first step. To do this, conduct an employee survey.

  • Do your employees believe you care about their safety?
  • Do they have work recommendations that aren’t getting to your safety team?
  • Are they listening to and implementing employee suggestions?

Surveys are an easy way to bring people into the fold and give them a voice.

2. Apply positive reinforcement or behavior-based safety method: Recognize and reward the employees for wearing PPE and following safety rules.

3. Promote participation: Motivate workers to suggest improvements and give feedback on the safety rules.

4. Convey the effects: Communicate the consequences of not following safety rules.

This sort of thing encourages employees to follow the safety rules and just want their coworkers to be safe. There shouldn’t be an ‘us versus them,’ ‘between departments, buildings, or levels of the hierarchy.’

Workplace safety professionals at SafT Integration make it okay for people to talk to each other and say “I don’t want you to get hurt, so please follow the safety rules.” If you’re finding it challenging, have no worries! We’re here to help you.

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