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Corrective Action & Preventative Maintenance

Prevent Workplace Accidents

As managers, a workplace injury can create a stressful situation and be traumatic for everyone involved. Our Corrective Action and Preventative Maintenance safety programs were developed to identify and correct the causes of workplace injuries before they occur, or to prevent an incident from occurring again.

Coordination on Developing and Resolving Corrective Actions

Our team can inspect your facility to ensure all preventative measures are in place to avoid any health or safety risks. We help you develop a custom plan of corrective actions, specific to your site, to protect anyone who might enter the premises.

Communication Builds Knowledge

We believe that proper communication throughout you business creates a safer atmosphere.
Tailgate/toolbox safety sheets used to provide additional training and increase awarenessSupervisor must review with employees; do not just handout to employeesDuring review, discuss any other safety concerns or related ideasHelp with corrective actions and verifying training has been doneWork together to prevent future injuries

Why Choose SafT Integration?

Our goal is to create a safe workplace, with zero incidents. We accomplish this by passing on our 40+ years of experience and knowledge to our customers.
No two facilities are the same, and as such, no safety program will be the same. We create custom plans to ensure every necessary safety protocol is implemented.

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