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Eliminate Safety Hazards

When it comes to workers' comp, it is essential for businesses to understand how claims should flow through the system, and when they go sideways, how to get them back on track. We work one-on-one with you and your carrier for open claim reviews, reserve reviews, etc. We also give advice on how to resolve claims quicker, cheaper, better so that you get that benefit of the lower insurance costs by returning people back to work faster.

Why Choose SafT for Workers' Comp Claim Management?

Many customers come to us searching for a way to lower their workers' comp premiums. We offer expert claims management and support that includes both older and newer claims. Our comprehensive services, our committed team, and our custom program options allow you to get the help you need, whether it is just claim management or the full gambit of SafT program modules.

As an experienced full-service safety company, we become your workplace safety partners, and we are there to help you from the first day and every day after!

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