Refresh Your Workplace Safety with Annual Manual Reviews

Safety manuals consist of vital information to maintain the health and safety of employees in every type of workplace. This is a crucial part of a company’s safety plan as it offers instructions on multiple sources of injuries or illnesses.

OSHA Guidelines

OSHA Guidelines ensure workplace health and safety for all employees. The primary goal is that employers will provide a safe workplace environment. You are required to review your safety procedures on a regular basis to ensure they are in compliance.

Why are Annual Manual Reviews important?

Annual Manual Reviews are critical because it helps you ensure the best and most up to date safety policies are in place and determine whether they are effective. Plus, you can update regulations and add new guidelines or best safety practices.

Safety Manual Challenges

An annual safety manual review takes into account the hazards at your workplace and what  safety rules and regulations are needed to protect your employees. If you change anything, or even if there are no changes, there must be some documentation. Record new changes in the form of a sign-off sheet to keep evidence of new guidelines.

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