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SafT Integration was founded in 2013, based on a foundation of passion, teamwork, and saving others the pain and loss that arise from workplace injuries. We strive every day to do the right thing for our clients, their employees, and the communities we serve.

This mindset started taking shape for me over 15 years ago. While working in environmental remediation, I was immediately impressed with the level of passion for, and commitment to, safety that my employer demonstrated in all day-to-day tasks. Safety wasn’t viewed as a series of one-off problems to solve, but rather, a mindset to constantly reach for. This safety-centric approach was modeled after the commitment to safety that our large-scale partners, such as ExxonMobile, demonstrated. And just as it inspired my employer, working with companies like ExxonMobile crafted a safety-first mindset in myself. I sought to bring this focus on safety to every role I took on from that day forwards.
Over the years, I became more heavily invested in safety operations for various organizations, taking notes on what worked, as well as what didn’t. When looking over these notes, I discovered a common theme. Each successful safety program I experienced was built on four invaluable cornerstones: Supervisors, Accountability, Frequency, and Training; if one faltered, the rest of the pieces would fall as well. It was then I knew I had the keys to bring safety awareness to a larger scale.
After many years of involvement with good, average, and downright bad safety programs, along with this proven understanding of safety essentials, I was ready to extend my influence with the unique insight I had gained. My team and I aspire to give every company we work with their own safety blueprint and to guide them in implementing effective and personalized safety training and programs for employees, supervisors, and owners.

SafT Integration’s driving force has not wavered, because while over the years we have seen some additional benefits to helping organizations take an interest in and improve their safety (who doesn’t like to save money?), we still approach every project with one goal in mind: to save lives!

- Greg Safran

Chief SafT Officer of SafT Integration

The Meaning of SafT

SafT is very important to us. Here's Greg with an in depth description of each of the cornerstones.

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Our Team


Greg Safran

 Chief SafT Officer


Stef Valla

Director of SafT & Risk


Tony Sylvester

Safety & Claims Coordinator

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